The future will belong to the countries which will have known how to master new technologies and which will have been able to take advantage of them to transform them into competitive advantages, for the benefit of their citizens.
You don't have to be a great diviner to understand that the main key to a country's success in the future is mastering new technologies and the ability to implement them efficiently and effectively. These include ensuring the country's independence from global giants, gaining market share internally and internationally, developing a significant job offer for its citizens, linked to applications of these technologies. All sectors are concerned such as health, education, banking, insurance, industry, the administration of the country. Some of these technologies are already known to us, in particular artificial intelligence and big data, blockchain, rapid DNA sequencing, etc. Others will come soon.
Whether in the digital sector, biotechnology or in other areas, it is becoming crucial to prepare and put all your efforts into this crucial battle. To give an example, we can easily predict that China will be on the way to outclassing the United States in the field of artificial intelligence. Indeed, the most efficient machine learning applications require very large volumes of data, structured and as complete and detailed as possible
The 6G technology market is expected to facilitate large improvements in imaging, presence technology and location awareness. Working in conjunction with artificial intelligence (AI), the computational infrastructure of 6G will autonomously determine the best location for computing to occur; this includes decisions about data storage, processing and sharing.