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                                   How i can get The GiftCard ?

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           How to Redeem Your PSN Gift card 


 You can expect your free PSN gift card codes to be sent to you by GiftcardHD in your registered email within Maximum 1 business hours. If you already have a PlayStation Network account, simply log in. If you don’t, it’s high time that you create one! On the PS4 home screen, select the PlayStation Store icon, then go to the bottom of the menu to select “Redeem Codes.” Enter your PSN gift card code from GiftcardHD, and once it’s verified correct, select “Continue,” then “Confirm” to accept the terms of service, then click “Continue” to redeem your code. After that, you’re all set!   

               About PlayStation Network

Launched in late 2006, the PlayStation Network was initially intended solely for PS game consoles, but has since become a popular digital media entertainment service. As a provision of Sony Interactive Entertainment, PSN covers various media such as HD TV, smartphones, tablets, Blu Ray players, and video game consoles. It has been estimated that as of mid-2019, there are currently over 90 million active PSN users , and moore